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194: The number of Bugs I have logged during the Vista Beta

June 14, 2006

Amazing. I didn't think that I logged so many. (-: Just shows that its pretty clear that I do care about Windows Vista being the "Best Windows Yet" and not a Nitpicker.

Edit: 195 now – just found another UI Issue.

Edit: 196 now – just found a start menu Issue.


Windows Vista Beta: A lot like Mac OS X

June 14, 2006

Source: lifehacker

After playing around with my newly-installed copy of Windows Vista Beta 2 for a couple of hours, the thought that kept popping up in my head over and over again like a persistent mole was: "Wow, that's a lot like the Mac."

From the emphasis on searching and not browsing (Spotlight) to the Windows Sidebar (Dashboard) which runs Gadgets (Widgets), to the built-in Windows Calendar (iCal), the similarities are striking. Come look with me, after the jump.

I have to mostly agree. There are such clear examples of Vista ripping off OSX design and ideas. I guess the major difference between Apple and Microsoft is that Apple does a better job at following its own UI guidelines; while Microsoft scores quite poorly IMHO at this.

The Real Windows VistaThis is quite funny and worth watching I think. 

The ugliness of IE7+’s download dialog

June 14, 2006

Shield your eyes. Yes. There is ugliness and lack of conformity in the new Windows Vista Beta 2.


What Microsoft isn't following its own Aero guidelines?! Can this be true?

It's true. Behold… The screenshot (Click to view full size).

IE7Plus Download Dialog

Doesn't it just make you cry?

It's a crime against "Aero", someone must change this.

The screenshot compares an "Aero" type copy/move dialog against the IE7+ download dialog.

Now you would have thought by Beta 2 of Windows Vista, Microsoft would have updated this aged and ugly "IE4" dialog by now. No – they did not. Truthfully, by now I would have expected a download manager added to IE7, especially the *new* IE7+ in Vista Beta 2 – but no. No such luck. Not only is there no download manager but we also have to live with ugly IE4'isms. )-:

“Streak” free Windows please Mr Microsoft

June 14, 2006

Don't know about you but ever since I remember I never really liked streakson my windows at home. So what has this possibly got to do with Microsoft? Plenty, read on.

Windows Vista – Microsoft's newest and best (unreleased) Beta Operating System has a wonderful transparent laden user interface. It's far from perfect as you may realise; from my previous posting about Chris Pirillo's podcast with Ed Bott. But its better than Luna – thats for sure. Anyway, I'm off on a tangent.

 Transparent Streak

"Streaks" in Transparent Glass Mode


 So… This wonderful new Aero UI has "Glass" effects… Guess what it also has?! Streaks! Streaks are seriously not cool on glass – be it your window at home or your new beta 2 Windows Vista build. So I'm hoping, through my public posting and my blog to convince Microsoft and you – that streaks are not cool and definately should not be "by design". As its been indicated by Microsoft. 

Please Mr Microsoft, if you must ship a Glass UI on Windows Vista can it at least have an option to turn off the "streak" that annoys me (and others surely), please? 

Ed Bott and Windows Vista Beta 2

June 14, 2006

Oh God. Chris Pirillo is the UI God and I am his desciple.

I thought I was the only person out there – and a handful of other Beta Testers that actually found these fundumentally flawed UI issues.

You must listen to this. Yes it's a long podcast but its worth every MB!

Please Microsoft. Employ me. I will make sure that the UI fit and finish is done right.

The UI in Vista is nothing more than a $2 hooker compared to the works done by Apple and Co in OSX.

I vote – Service Pack for UI!!!!! You rock Chris Pirillo.