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The ugliness of IE7+’s download dialog

June 14, 2006

Shield your eyes. Yes. There is ugliness and lack of conformity in the new Windows Vista Beta 2.


What Microsoft isn't following its own Aero guidelines?! Can this be true?

It's true. Behold… The screenshot (Click to view full size).

IE7Plus Download Dialog

Doesn't it just make you cry?

It's a crime against "Aero", someone must change this.

The screenshot compares an "Aero" type copy/move dialog against the IE7+ download dialog.

Now you would have thought by Beta 2 of Windows Vista, Microsoft would have updated this aged and ugly "IE4" dialog by now. No – they did not. Truthfully, by now I would have expected a download manager added to IE7, especially the *new* IE7+ in Vista Beta 2 – but no. No such luck. Not only is there no download manager but we also have to live with ugly IE4'isms. )-: