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Windows Vista Beta: A lot like Mac OS X

June 14, 2006

Source: lifehacker

After playing around with my newly-installed copy of Windows Vista Beta 2 for a couple of hours, the thought that kept popping up in my head over and over again like a persistent mole was: "Wow, that's a lot like the Mac."

From the emphasis on searching and not browsing (Spotlight) to the Windows Sidebar (Dashboard) which runs Gadgets (Widgets), to the built-in Windows Calendar (iCal), the similarities are striking. Come look with me, after the jump.

I have to mostly agree. There are such clear examples of Vista ripping off OSX design and ideas. I guess the major difference between Apple and Microsoft is that Apple does a better job at following its own UI guidelines; while Microsoft scores quite poorly IMHO at this.

The Real Windows VistaThis is quite funny and worth watching I think.