“Streak” free Windows please Mr Microsoft

Don't know about you but ever since I remember I never really liked streakson my windows at home. So what has this possibly got to do with Microsoft? Plenty, read on.

Windows Vista – Microsoft's newest and best (unreleased) Beta Operating System has a wonderful transparent laden user interface. It's far from perfect as you may realise; from my previous posting about Chris Pirillo's podcast with Ed Bott. But its better than Luna – thats for sure. Anyway, I'm off on a tangent.

 Transparent Streak

"Streaks" in Transparent Glass Mode


 So… This wonderful new Aero UI has "Glass" effects… Guess what it also has?! Streaks! Streaks are seriously not cool on glass – be it your window at home or your new beta 2 Windows Vista build. So I'm hoping, through my public posting and my blog to convince Microsoft and you – that streaks are not cool and definately should not be "by design". As its been indicated by Microsoft. 

Please Mr Microsoft, if you must ship a Glass UI on Windows Vista can it at least have an option to turn off the "streak" that annoys me (and others surely), please? 


2 Responses to ““Streak” free Windows please Mr Microsoft”

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